The future of TNA on Destination America appears to be very much in doubt. Key people at Discovery Communications were reportedly informed that Destination America has decided to cancel Impact Wrestling with the current run of the series coming to a close at the end of the third quarter or the last week of September.

Those initially informed about the decision were told before the announcement last week that Impact Wrestling would be moving to Wednesday night starting on 6/3. At the time of the decision being released within Discovery, it had been initially stated that the show would remain on Friday night. Per the report, the decision was meant to be kept secret.

This news comes just as Destination America had pulled “TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches” and “Unlocked” from programming lineups only months into the debut on the network. While ratings were described as generally good, they weren’t high enough to justify the cost of investment and regular advertisers on the network specifically stated they didn’t want to advertise during wrestling. Attempts by to reach out to Destination America for comment were not immediately returned. Much like when Spike TV canceled Impact Wrestling last year and both parties denied all reports, Destination America is expected to do the same until they confirm the move by announcing new programming lineups for 2015 and 2016 without Impact Wrestling.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter