Micah (aka Camacho) talks TNA Gutcheck and Billy Corgan

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The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast welcomes the fast *Rising* TNA Impact Wrestling superstar Micah (FKA Camacho in the WWE) to the show for a very revealing in depth interview. Micah literally has wrestling pumping through his veins as he carries the legacy of his father Haku into the ranks of Impact Wrestling and also brings with him quite an extensive run under his belt competing in both NXT and WWE as Camacho the partner/bodyguard for Hunico. In this interview Micah establishes the journey and the struggles that come with growing up in a wrestling family and experiencing road blocks and pitfalls as he looked to achieve his dream of becoming a wrestler. As Micah and his brother the Bullet Club’s Bad-boy Tama Tonga perfect their craft around the world we learn about the ultimate dream of Micah in the wrestling business as he hopes to push forward the family unity that his father has instilled in him and his brother and to one day main event WrestleMania.

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On competing in a TNA Gutcheck and getting signed by the company:

I did the Gutcheck and on that day we filmed I honestly thought I was just going to be rolling around and maybe doing a tryout match and next thing I know we are doing an actual show and taking bumps and I was grateful of the opportunity to do it. Tommy Dreamer pulled me aside and said that it was a great performance and don’t be surprised if you get a call and sure enough about a week or two after I got the call from Bob Ryder saying TNA would like to bring me on as one of the TNA Superstars and I was delighted. It was awesome to get a call from TNA and that they wanted me to be apart of their family.

Billy Corgan’s influence on the product thus far:

He loves wrestling. Billy’s mind is for wrestling. He is all about it and what’s nice is he does have a wrestling background, he is the Smashing Pumpkins there is no one else, it’s him. His creative genius is amazing. Although we only had him for like four days he is really engaged with a lot of us and their are a couple of story lines that he was apart of and he wanted to make sure he stayed really focused on the story lines that TNA has brought to television. I’m really looking forward to working with him and to see what he has in store for TNA as a whole. You can tell the TNA roster is very excited to have him and we are looking forward to working with him.

Working against the BDC (Beat Down Clan):

Those guys, especially (Low) Ki and MVP were both in WWE at one time and actually MVP was in a pretty big spot up there so it’s nice to get his insight on how things were, how they are going and how to adjust and adapt to TNA right now. Ki is a hell of a talent and has such a mind for the game. I love talking to him and understanding how to stand out as an individual wrestler and how to make things work. Kenny King for as tall as he is he works as if he could be a Luchador. He is deceiving as far as his ability. Homicide I knew from way back when and got to work with him a little bit but right now he has torn something in his shoulder and I am really looking forward to working more with Homicide.

Problems injuries caused him while working with Mistico (Sin Cara):

It definitely played a role. He (Mistico) had significant injuries that just happened one after the other. First it was his knee, then his hand. The poor guy was just plagued by injuries and it did hold us up. Their were opportunities for us to start something with another talent on the roster and they tried to get us into something with Ted Dibiase and that came to a stand still creatively because Ted wanted something else and we were just bouncing around doing live events and just doing tag matches with different people.

Working with Hunico and their relationship:

Hunico is an amazing guy and is ridiculously strong. He has an amateur wrestling background so it was always great to be in the ring with him and learn from him. Besides the amateur background he also has the Lucha background and I learned a lot about being a good base for the Lucha style wrestlers. He himself is a hell of a base for the Lucha guys, he used to catch me which is amazing when we would do Lucha style moves on each other and I always appreciated him taking the time to show me the Lucha style on our off time when we were traveling.

Micah also discusses his dream tag team with his brother Tama Tonga, his time in NXT, the NXT Takeover special, his favorite WWE match, learning from and the myths surrounding his father Haku