Update on TNA pulling Tyrus from GFW live events

To follow up on a report earlier this week regarding Tyrus (former WWE star Brodus Clay) getting pulled from all Global Force Wrestling live events, a new report by Dave Meltzer this week has revealed that TNA is no longer allowing any contracted talent to work for GFW. TNA talent were recently given permission to work “anywhere they could get booked” with a more limited schedule so far in 2015 including allowing talent to work for independent promotions presenting iPPV events (a change from the past).

Tyrus, working under the name George T. Murdoch, took on a number of bookings with GFW that were live events only. After advertising Murdoch for weeks, TNA pulled him from the shows as TNA contracts prevent talent from working for promotions with a television deal. While GFW has television tapings scheduled in Las Vegas this July, the promotion has yet to announce an official television deal. According to the report, TNA told Tyrus he would be fired if he took on his advertised bookings with GFW.

Karen Jarrett took to Twitter regarding the situation not long after.

“Sounds like someone is throwing a temper tantrum in Nashville. Oh you can’t control the world darlin!”

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, @karenjarrett

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