TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle made an appearance on “Bubba the Love Sponge” on Wednesday talking about being cleared of most of his charges with Trenesha Biggers (Rhaka Khan), rumors of a lowball contract offer from TNA, Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett and more. Here are some highlights courtesy of The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online.

– Angle described the turning point in his case with Trenesha Biggers taking place in court when his lawyer cross-examined her. Angle added, “First she said that I was stalking her, then she said she was following ME in her car. At that point, the judge said, ‘Get out of here, you’re an idiot.'”

– Bubba said he heard a rumor that Angle was offered a lowball one-year deal to stay with TNA and that he was “offended” that they wouldn’t give him a new 2-3 year contract. Angle said the offer was made around the time he was still fighting these charges, but didn’t say anything further.

– Bubba called Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo the “cancers” in TNA.

– Angle seemed surprised about Bubba’s negative remarks about Russo. Bubba then went on what was described as a five minute ran about the various interactions between Hulk Hogan and Russo in WCW.

– Angle gave limited defense of Russo and said Jarrett at least founded the promotion he is now working for. Bubba added, “It doesn’t matter to me. Jarrett is still the guy who’s sleeping with your ex-wife.”

– Angle plugged this Sunday’s No Surrender PPV to close the segment.

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