Brian Fritz of Sporting News is featuring an article about late pay issues continuing within TNA, just two months after reports surfaced that production was well behind on pay.

According to the report, a production meeting was held with staff following the Impact Wrestling tapings on Thursday night with a staff of 35-40 people. The staff was informed that they would not receive paychecks for the promotion’s May tapings until 7/15 “at the earliest.” Ron and Don Harris, who were recently brought in to be put in charge of the production staff, told anyone that was unhappy that they could shake hands and walk away.

News of this comes not long after late pay issues also surfaced back in April involving production staff and even talent such as Taz who publicly revealed on his podcast that it was among one of the many reasons he was leaving the company. One longtime TNA production staff member told Sporting News that it was “the same old TNA bullsh*t” in regards to the late pay issues adding, “They don’t give a sh*t.”

Sporting News: Pay issues continue for TNA Wrestling production workers