Bram arrested on felony counts, suspended from TNA

UPDATE (12:40 PM ET): According to multiple wrestling media reports, Thomas “Bram” Latimer was arrested on Sunday morning in Gulfport, Florida on the 2 felony counts of domestic battery and false imprisonment, with the domestic battery being via strangulation. In a correction, Latimer is in fact not currently married to WWE Diva Ashley “Charlotte” Fliehr as this incident involving Latimer did not involve Fliehr. Latimer is currently in a Pinellas County Jail and is awaiting trial based off his prior arrest records, notably a November 2012 arrest for intoxication and battery of a police offer that lead to Latimer’s release from WWE while in NXT.

TNA sent out the following on Monday, announcing the indefinite suspension of Thomas “Bram” Latimer from the company after he was arrested over the weekend on 2 felony counts of domestic battery and false imprisonment:

Bram Arrested in Florida, Suspended Indefinitely

“TNA has been advised by the Gulfport, Florida Police Department that Thomas Latimer, known as Bram, has been arrested and charged with two felony counts of domestic battery and false imprisonment. TNA is working to gather facts and obtain additional information related to the arrest.

“The charges against Thomas Latimer are serious, and he is immediately and indefinitely suspended from any future TNA-sanctioned events awaiting the outcome of the case,” said TNA Executive Vice President of Television and Talent John Gaburick.”

Latimer is currently married to WWE Diva Ashley “Charlotte” Fliehr, but there is no word at this time on if these charges are in any correlation to her.

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