TNA’s Bob Ryder issued the following statement over on the website late Saturday night addressing TNA returning to the road with live events this weekend and the current status of the company as things stand now in late September.

“We had three good shows. Everybody worked hard and fans were entertained. First night we had 850, 500 in Morgantown, and 750 in Belle Vernon. For our return to the road after several months we were happy with the turnout and hope to build on those numbers with shows in Beckley, Salem, Thibodaux, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Biloxi.

Been reading some of the comments and some of you guys need to turn those frowns upside down! 🙂 We may not be announcing things on a time line you want us to, but we have some good things coming and will make announcements once we have finalized the things we are working on.

We are working on everything from how and where we promote house shows, to how we handle merchandise and photo opportunities at the shows, to looking at new talent, etc etc.

Don’t join the doom & gloomers who find joy in constantly predicting our demise. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon, and we are still a strong number 2 in the United States – nobody else is close.

If you will be in the Charlotte area please join us for BFG. If not, please watch the PPV.

Thanks for your continued passionate support of TNA. Good things are going to happen soon.”

Source: TNAMecca on Disqus