Brian Fritz passed along a new interview on with TNA Champion EC3 promoting Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On becoming TNA champion:

“It was a nice moment with my mom and dad who have supported me through the tireless journey of this when they should have told me to get a real job a lot more times. But they didn’t, they kept supporting me and really bailed me out of a couple jams. To reach that moment with them there, can’t do worse than that. As far as what else happened that evening, probably a ton of booze, I bought a few select people some cigars, we had a big cigar fest and just pouring Jameson down each other’s throats. The next thing you know you wake up, you’re not alone, you’re sitting there with your world heavyweight title alone.”

On gaining confidence in the EC3 persona:

“I think the confidence really came probably around the time we were doing TV in New York and I was feuding with Bully, Devon, (Tommy) Dreamer and the ECW guys on their home turf. Seeing Aunt D (Dixie Carter) being put through the table, we were doing TV in New York and outside of the Impact Zone (Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.) and it’s a different kind of wrestling fan there. Fans that were far more into it, make more noise and try to make it part of the show. Being in that environment and knowing how to control that, handle it and hang with anybody. That’s kind of where my confidence came from.” Ethan Carter III on shaking off critics, staying undefeated as TNA Champion