Jessie Godderz on World Title Series, books new FX role

Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine passed along an interview with TNA star Jessie Godderz discussing the World Title Series on Impact Wrestling and booking a new film role.

On TNA’s current World Title Series on Impact Wrestling:

“I think the matches speak for themselves and the direction I’m going in my career. It’s upward and onward and about showcasing my talent, as well as showing more of me. I like to convey that I am ‘The Man.’ All the accolades and everything I’ve accrued right now, I walk out there with that same confidence. I want to show that this is my time now. …It’s like I finally hatched out of this egg. Everyone was waiting for it to happen. The tag team was a beautiful time. I loved the time with Robbie and learned a lot, but I also knew a lot before that. I’m a finely crafted vehicle. I’m the Ferrari of professional wrestling.”

On booking a role with a new Jon Singleton project for FX:

“If anybody knows who John Singleton is, this is one of the top directors in Los Angeles, and I got to work with him. Just seeing the way he works, it was a learning experience every single day. You just walk to set every day and watch how he handled the different actors and the way he gave advice. That’s something I’m able to take with me for the rest of my life.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

Channel Guide Magazine: “Big Brother” alum Jessie Godderz talks about his evolution on Impact Wrestling

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