Taz has a new blog up on his official Facebook page talking about his new roles in TNA including on commentary with Mike Tenay and feedback he has received from wrestling fans.

“I’ve gotten a couple of emails from people stating that IMPACT sounds different. For 7 years Don and Mike had a certain style and SOUND…when you change one of those elements it will change the tone of the show. Don had a very strong high energy tone from start to finish of the show….that worked for him and it was HIS style. I have a completely different style in that I try to bring my voice inflection UP during the story of the physical aspect of the match. I also try to give Color analysis from a former wrestler perspective to bring those viewers in the ring that have never wrestled and try to give the mindset a TNA athlete might be thinking during the moments of the match.”

You can check out the full blog at this link.

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