The Daily Citizen has an interview up with TNA star Booker T. Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his role as a wrestler right now in his career with TNA:
“For me at this stage of my game, I don?t have to do anything for me. It’s about me trying to bring these guys to another level. My fans follow me all over the world. They know me wherever I go. So it’s not about me. It’s trying to help these guys get to another position.”

On the atmosphere in WCW:
“For some reason I felt like we were really close in WCW. It was almost like a family atmosphere. I miss those days. I actually thought I would retire with WCW. If it would have lasted, I think I would still be with WCW.”

Who he still wants to wrestle before he retires:
“The only guy I haven?t wrestled in the ring one on one is Shawn Michaels. He’s the only talent I feel I need to test myself against. That’s the one match that hasn?t happened yet ? it may never happen ? but that’s the one guy.”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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