Pop TV President talks meeting with Dixie Carter about TNA

Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with Pop TV President Brad Schwartz discussing the early meetings with TNA President Dixie Carter pitching Impact Wrestling to the television network and the response to the announcement so far.

On the meeting between TNA and Pop TV:

“We had a lot of people in that meeting — our marketing team, our programming team, our communications team, our research team. We really wanted everybody to hear it. We even had representatives from CBS and Lionsgate in that meeting, so everybody could hear it firsthand. I would say the next day we [Pop, CBS, Lionsgate] were all like, ‘We got to do this.’ I’m not spinning this in any way. It’s the truth.”

His thoughts on TNA President Dixie Carter:

“Dixie is so impressive, and she’s such an amazing spirit with a good, positive energy to her. By the end of the meeting, she had won everyone in the room over, and the next day it was unanimous, ‘Let’s do this.’”

On the overwhelming response to just the announcement:

“Our Pop TV trended for 12 hours on Twitter just based on our press release [announcing TNA on Pop]. There’s not even with any [TNA] content on the [Pop] air, yet, but when we announced this partnership, we trended nationally on Twitter for that many hours. It just kind of proved every reason why we did this. We celebrate fans. We celebrate their passions, and we cheer for their passions, and wrestling fans are pretty passionate.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

Miami Herald: (Part 1) Pop President Brad Schwartz discusses TNA Impact Wrestling