AJ Styles rep says no contracts were ever finalized with TNA

Bill Behrens, who represents AJ Styles, issued the following statement to PWInsider.com on Saturday morning in response to the statement issued by TNA on Friday.

“No contract was ever finalized nor signed by the parties.

That I would need to be involved in the contract process was known by TNA prior to my involvement and understood by them.

TNA and its 1st lawyer did not present in a timely fashion a contract that accurately reflected previous discussions at all. That created great concern tied to past experiences. In that time and prior there was other interest and there were other firm offers on the table and other discussions.

TNA was aware of other interest and various conflicts. TNA was aware a final contract was required. It was creating that contract and controlled that timetable. Too much time passed early on. Other things came into play. No contract was ever finalized with TNA.

To suggest I make any decision for my clients is to misunderstand my role and diminish the role each talent has in making their own decisions, and insults the talent in the process.”

If you missed it last night, TNA issued a statement revealing that the company had a “handshake and written deal” with AJ Styles, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson only for all three parties to cease communication with the company.

You can read the TNA statement story at the link below.

TNA statement on talks with Styles, Gallows and Anderson

Source: PWInsider.com