The following was taped on Sunday night in Birmingham, England.

1/31 Impact Wrestling tapings:

* TNA Champion Matt Hardy opened the taping saying he’s beaten EC3 so many times it is now getting boring. He promises EC3 will never get a shot at him again and introduces Rockstar Spud in front of his hometown crowd. Spud pointed out how EC3 left him bloody last year and now the public is jumping on the latest bandwagon supporting Carter. EC3 interrupted attacking Tyrus and Matt Hardy. EC3 challenges Spud to a fight.

* Xplosion: Jessie Godderz def. Tigre Uno.

* Promo between Gail Kim and Maria. Jade ends up attacking Kim.

* EC3 def. Rockstar Spud in a street fight match.

* TNA President Dixie Carter cut a promo with the roster outside the ring. She said tonight they honor and celebrate Kurt Angle. Carter thanks Angle for everything. Drew Galloway says it is an honor to face Angle on this tour and wants him to stay. Angle said he is a better person for coming to TNA. Lashley interrupts discussing their match later tonight.

* Xplosion: Marti Bell & Rebel def. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne.

* Eric Young retains the TNA King of the Mountain Championship over Bram, Will Osprey, Jimmy Havoc & Big Damo.

* Mike Bennett cut a promo demanding to be made No. 1 Contender. Drew Galloway interrupts Bennett and then attacks him.

* TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim def. Jade.

* Beer Money def. The Wolves to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions cashing in the Feast or Fired briefcase. Davey Richards suffered an injury during the match taking a bump awkwardly from James Storm and rolled out immediately.

* Grado rushed the ring to cut a promo. Eli Drake comes out calling Grado pathetic.

* Lashley def. Kurt Angle. After the match, Lashley attacked Angle. Drew Galloway hit the ring and Lashley took care of him. Eddie Edwards was out next and also got beat down. EC3 then runs out and Lashley walks off. Angle gave a farewell speech after the match saying he is very grateful and that he will “see us again one day.”

* One Night Only: A 16 person gauntlet was held involving Mike Bennett, Mandrews, Tigre Uno, Jade, Will Osprey, Bram, Eric Young, Eddie Edwards, Drew Galoway, Matt Hardy, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud and Grado. Drew Galloway won the match eliminating Bennett.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online