Recap of AJ Styles on MTV’s “Made”

AJ Styles appeared on an episode of MTV’s “Made” yesterday and was a coach/trainer for a high school girl named Rebecca Stoner who had aspirations of becoming a pro wrestler. The first part of the episode, which runs a full hour, focused on Rebecca training with Styles in Washington as part of Tulalip Championship Wrestling. She was then brought to Orlando, FL for the Sacrifice PPV on May 24 to watch Styles wrestle in person for the first time and give her an idea of what a live event was like. The episode then closed with Rebecca taking part in a match at a TNA house show event teaming with Taylor Wilde (who she worked out with in the ring in Orlando) against The Beautiful People. Wilde and Rebecca won the special Knockouts tag team match.

It was a really fun episode and again showed how tough people have to be to become a pro wrestler. Of course, there is the usual anti-pro wrestling sentiments from her family and friends around her that we typically see played out in real life. There are moments in the episode where Styles continues to push Rebecca in the ring to the point where she needed to be taken away in an ambulance since she was in so much pain. One thing I did notice was how well she picked up taking bumps in the ring. She took to pro wrestling much easier than most people do and it was refereshing to see it represented in a respectful manner instead of the usual cliches. Speaking of cliches, Rebecca showed up to her first training session with Styles in a Superman costume as she was told to show up with her “character” in play. This of course transitioned into her getting a real taste of what pro wrestling is all about when her training began.

The episode is expected to re-air on MTV this week. The section for “Made” on doesn’t have the full episode listed as of Monday afternoon at this link, but does provide one “After the show” clip.

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