Miss Lindsie sent this in:

Here is two more videos of Jeff Jarrett on ROVE via youtube.com. The first one is the interview that Rove McManus do of Jeff Jarrett that lead to the the chase after McManus hit Jarrett with a wooden folding chair. Then McManus does a segment with Jarrett called public probe, where a fan ask Jeff about the worst outfit that he ever seen, which Jeff responded to the outfit he wore to the 1994 Royal Rumble during his time in the WWE. Also another fan ask him if he would aloud his three daughters ever to wrestle and he said no.

Here is the video:

The second one is the ending of the show of where Rove McManus and his cohorts of what they learned. Jeff Jarrett said of what he has learned is that Australia doors are made of styrofoam.

Here is the video:

Also, Jeremy Borash has a photo he posted on twitter of him, Rove McManus, and Jeff Jarrett backstage of ROVE show: http://twitpic.com/gos0q

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