AJ Styles on wrestling in his hometown

The Daily Citizen has an interview up with TNA star AJ Styles. Here are some of the highlights.

On being with TNA Wrestling since day one:
“I take a lot of pride in that I?ve been here since the beginning and no one’s been here longer than I have. A lot of people say I?m a poster boy for TNA, but it doesn?t bother me because I?m proud of that. I?ve been here and I?ve busted my butt for seven years to see something grow and grow. And we?re going to continue to grow, and I had something to do with that.”

On getting an opportunity with WCW in its dying days:
“I was excited. We heard talks of WCW going under and we thought, ?This is WCW. Somebody will pick this up and do something with it. It’s crazy to think that wrestling, especially WCW which has been on TV for so long, would just be dead forever.? Sure enough, it happened.”

On getting to wrestle in his hometown this month:
“It’s nice to be actually coming to my hometown, Augusta and Dalton. I love that because that’s my state. That’s where I belong. That’s where I don?t have to work on my accent. It makes it easier just to go down there and have fun because everybody loves seeing the hometown guy come back. They love having someone from their state and knowing they made it.”

To check out the full interview where Styles also talks about turning down an offer to work in WWE developmental, click here.

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