In an interview by Nicolas Atkin of ESPN UK, Kurt Angle revealed that he suffered a concussion during TNA’s recent tour of the UK back in January.

“I’m healthy, I don’t have any problems. You have injuries, you’re gonna have injuries in wrestling. Everybody does. A lot of people feel I’m banged up. I had some bad luck with my neck for a couple of years in WWE. Ever since I’ve been pretty healthy as far as my neck.”

Angle suffered a concussion on 1/29 in Manchester during a match with Drew Galloway, the first night of the tour. Angle went on to wrestle Bobby Roode and Bobby Lashley in London and Birmingham after he was cleared by a doctor at the live event.

The article noted how Angle’s concussion took place around a week prior to Daniel Bryan announcing his retirement from WWE after suffering numerous concussions during his wrestling career including suffering from post-concussion seizures that he hid.

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