WrestleView.com’s David Stephens (ECW recapper, “That’s A Wrap” columnist) sent this in:

Hey Adam, I pulled these off Twitter myself. Quite interesting.

Reported by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

To follow up on your Christopher Daniels report, a look on Twitter discloses the events leading up to his arrest. These updates are from Daniels and Gregory Helms:

Helms: @facdaniels is at the Hurri-Cave! I hate his liver and it must be destroyed!!!8:19 PM Aug 27th

Daniels: The Hurri-cave is tremendous!! I am in awe of it’s splendor!!8:40 PM Aug 27th

Daniels: By the way, I also hate my liver, but only slightly less than myself as a whole. Kill me if you see me!!8:42 PM Aug 27th

Helms: At this point, I’m pretty sure @facdaniels liver hates me too. But that’s how I roll. Fu*k livers!!!9:09 PM Aug 27th

Daniels: @HurricaneHelms No, my liver and @HurricaneHelms are SOOO close right now…..9:11 PM Aug 27th in reply to HurricaneHelms

Helms: http://twitpic.com/fjarr – Me and @facdaniels and these items that hate our livers!!9:37 PM Aug 27th

Helms: You shoulda been here!! RT @MATTHARDYBRAND: Damn briz! Hate I missed it.. To hell with those livers, they’ll recover.. some day! :)9:57 PM Aug 27th

Helms: @MATTHARDYBRAND You know I just got poked in the eye! CD too!! He can’t see sh*t!! LOL9:58 PM Aug 27th in reply to MATTHARDYBRAND

Helms: What a night!! This was one for the books! And by that I mean one of those books that will never be written!! :-)2:14 AM Aug 28th

Daniels: @HurricaneHelms i know for sure I’ll never read it!!3:06 AM Aug 28th in reply to HurricaneHelms

Helms: The Interpromotional Drink-off was won by Hurricane of course! Although my wallet feels a lot lighter! Weird! Hmmm! LOL10:39 AM Aug 28th

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