The Leaf-Chronicle is reporting that former TNA Wrestling star Crimson (aka Anthony Gregory Mayweather) was arrested and charged with domestic assault after an eyewitness stated that Mayweather headbutted his wife outside a hotel in Clarksville, Tennessee early Sunday morning.

According to an arrest warrant, police were called to the scene around 1:33 a.m. local time after a nearby security guard informed police he witnessed Mayweather headbutt his wife Heather in the face. Mayweather’s wife told police she “fell down” and nothing physical happened between the two.

Both Anthony and Heather Mayweather were arrested. Heather Mayweather was charged with public intoxication after police stated she had slurred speech and was uneasy on her feet. She was booked into Montgomery Jail on $439 bond, while Anthony was booked on a $2,500 bond. Police stated that Anthony became “very defensive” about officers asking his wife questions about what happened. Anthony, under his wrestling name Crimson, last appeared for TNA back in November 2015.

The Leaf-Chronicle: Wrestler charged with headbutting wife


  1. Stop sharing the extremely fabricated story on Crimson, if you weren’t there you don’t know and stop making these dirt sheet writers feel they actually have importance! These are people’s lives here!

  2. Thanks, totally helpful person who seems to have lots of inside information on this story but made up his obviously fake account 10 minutes ago.

  3. I made my account to defend my personal friend Anthony Mayweather. I have worked with him since he debuted at NWA Main Event in 2009 where I was then- television producer and watched last years Wrestlemania on his couch. This man is like a brother to me and I will put my reputation on here saying that the Leaf Chronicle is known for fabricating stories to garner a following.

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