TNA exploring other financial options

TNA Wrestling is reportedly in the midst of negotiations with possible investors as they head into a series of Impact Wrestling TV tapings for Pop TV this week in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios from April 21-24 according to multiple reports on Monday.

Aroluxe, a marketing and production company based in Tennessee, has been revealed as one of the major potential investors. According to a report by PWInsider, TNA started working with Aroluxe back in January when the company debuted on Pop TV providing a variety of series that included TV production, social media management, media buying and web management. Former pro wrestlers Ron and Don Harris (who were involved with TNA in the early days) are involved with the company.

A report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online stated that TNA President Dixie Carter was “hopeful of securing a deal” where an investor would purchase 49% interest in the company, allowing her to retain a majority interest. This same report described TNA as “essentially out of money” and that the upcoming TV tapings scheduled for this week could be in jeopardy if some kind of a deal isn’t reached providing them enough cash to get through the next set of tapings for future airings on Pop TV.

PWInsider revealed that Panda Energy no longer retains ownership of TNA and hasn’t actually invested any money into the company for the last four to five years. Carter purchasing the remaining company shares from Jeff Jarrett last year made her the one and only stockholder. These ongoing negotiations have the potential to change that however. This news comes just a week after it was revealed that TNA would be relocating the company headquarters from downtown Nashville to the 20-25,000 square foot ShopTNA warehouse. The situation was described as something that could continue to develop this week before the scheduled TV tapings in Orlando that were set to prepare the company for Slammiversary in June.


  1. That was the year WCW went out of business. At least WCW had a peak year in 1996-1997 with the nWo & the cruiserweights. TNA never had a peak year.

  2. I can’t stop laughing about this. TNA should have died a lot longer ago. It’s been doomed to fail since Dixie Carter took it over entirely. Hell, it’s been doomed to fail even sooner than that. Here’s hoping some one can soon put a bullet in the back of TNA’s head and put it out of its misery for good.

  3. That’s what the TNA naysayers have been saying about it since Day One of the company back in 2002 and they never stop, even though they’ve been proven wrong time and again.

  4. Probably 2006 on the heels of Cage, Sting and Angle coming in and AJ, Joe, Daniels really establishing themselves

  5. And why would any wrestling fan want a televised promotion and alternative to WWE to die anyway? If it can get new owners who will handle and promote the product better, then more power to them.

  6. There’s no one left on TNA’s roster anyhow. Abyss and James Storm are the only 2 originals left. Don’t really care for anyone else except Lashley & Jade. TNA messed up big time. I’m actually enjoying ROH a lot though, because they have some of the guys that TNA was STUPID enough to let go (Jay Lethal, Daniels, Kazarian), while the rest are in NXT/WWE (Styles, Joe, Aries, Roode). I’ve said it before: TNA Impact is pretty much like a glorified indy show now. There is no comparison to what it used to be before the Hogan-era (back when the crowds were really into it, solid X-Division, strong roster, and it was a true wrestling alternative). I’m actually wondering who the hell would want to buy this company in the state that its in right now. Hopefully WWE just buys it so they could put their library to use and make video packages, etc.

  7. I’ve never understood those who have actively wanted TNA to fail. Personally, I’d like to see TNA, ROH, and a few others join together to form a true competitor for the McMahon Show…

  8. I don’t want to see the WWE buy it. The Hogan Era is what did TNA in. But I find it interesting that when a promotion like ROH loses a wrestler to the WWE, it’s no big deal, but when TNA loses someone, it’s a sign of the apocalypse. Yes, they’ve lost a LOT of wrestlers recently, starting with Styles and right on through Roode and Young. That’s not good, but they were also in need of new blood. EC3 has done a great job, and Mike Bennett has been very entertaining since his debut.

  9. That would be nice. I did have a theory that WWE has been interested in TNA for quite sometime. But it’s only a working theory. Also, a lot of events in WWE in recent months has fueled my theory like the recent hires of former TNA talent, the success of NXT, WWE’s slow return to its old Attitude ways, and openly recognizing other promotions like New Japan and Ring of Honor.

  10. The best financial thing Dixie can do for TNA is shut it down.I am beyond amazed shes been promoting this long and has not learned A damn thing about the wrestling buisiness….
    Keep listening to everyone else using you for your money and WWE’s rejects using you for your money.Start A buisiness you know somthing about if Daddy didnt spoil you your whole life. Why am I ranting.She wont read this lol she probably dont know how to read. Last I checked the 3mb jobber was their WORLD Champion.After WWE killed him and released him ,she makes him Champ.Is Brodus Clay still in the Main Event scene? That would all be great if TNA was A small Indy promotion…..

  11. were not being proven wrong.If I had her kind of money I could run A horrible promotion until the end of time. Its just painful for us to watch.

  12. On A side note I live an hour from the Impact Zone and me being A lifelong fan dont even want to waist the time and gas to see it for free let alone buy A ticket ever.

  13. exactly I wish ROH and New Japan were on stations that I get, and after the GFW/TNA cross-over I would have loved to watch GFW and would have given it a chance, (But it looks like that will never get off the ground) point being when WWE is the only show in town, you end up with terrible booking and terrible talent (like champ Roman Reigns) having one company own it all is bad for the fans, and its bad for the performers who have almost nowhere else to go to make a living. More competition is good for everybody who enjoys the sport. So wanting TNA out of business because you don’t think its run well makes zero sense.

  14. Yeah the good old days. Damn was that really 10 years ago already!?? 🙁 I feel old again. X`O

  15. Yet TNA is still around, still defying the odds and still proving the naysayers wrong. That says plenty.

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