SPOILERS: 4/23 TNA Impact Wrestling taping results from Orlando, Florida to air on Pop TV beginning in May

TNA Impact Wrestling taping results

The following was taped on Saturday night in Orlando, Florida from Universal Studios.

4/23 TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for Pop TV:

* Xplosion: Trevor Lee def. DJ Z.

* Josh Mathews and The Pope introduced a “May Mayhem” theme for the tapings.

* Allie (aka Cherry Bomb) was out next with Maria. Maria cuts a promo about the Knockouts division. Gail Kim interrupts and says she will never do what Maria wants. Maria books her in a match later tonight against Sienna.

* Al Snow def. Grado in a Street Fight match.

* Gail Kim def. Sienna. Gail’s career was on the line if she lost the match.

* A segment was taped with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway and Lashley to follow up the Lumberjack match at the tapings the prior night. Drew wants to fight Lashley now. Dixie Carter interrupts saying they will meet one last time at the Slammiversary PPV on June 12. The stipulation at Slammiversary is that you can only win by knockout or tapout. Galloway and Lashley brawl until TNA officials break it up. Lashley takes out all the TNA officials and then chokes out Galloway.

* Xplosion: Eddie Edwards def. Andrew Everett w/ Shane Helms.

* Mike Bennett vs. EC3 was announced for Slammiversary on June 12.

* Mike Bennett was out next with Maria. EC3 is running the show tonight and they talk about the match at Slammiversary. EC3 informs Mike that he will be the custodian tonight and that Maria will undergo a job evaluation. Lashley is out next. EC3 says Lashley and Galloway will pick each others opponents tonight. Galloway picks Bram for Lashley.

* Bram def. Lashley via DQ when Lashley used a steel chair. After the match, Drew Galloway makes the save when Lashley continues his attack on Bram. When Galloway chases off Lashley, Eli Drake runs down and cashes in his Feast or Fired briefcase for a title shot.

* Eli Drake def. Bram to become the new TNA King of the Mountain Champion.

* Al Snow was out next introducing The Tribunal (Baron Dax and Basille Baracca). They are in TNA to get rid of people that do not belong. Grado and Mahabali Shera are out next calling Snow a liar. They brawl and Snow hits Grado and Shera with a steel chair.

* The BroMans w/ Raquel def. Tyrus and Rockstar Spud with special guest referee Mike Bennett.

* EC3 holds a public job evaluation with Maria. He brings out Gail Kim to give a final verdict. Kim wants a match with Maria at Slammiversary and EC3 books it.

* TNA Knockouts Champion Jade & Gail Kim def. Allie and Sienna.

* Mike Bennett def. James Storm. After the match, EC3 distracts Bennett on the mic and Storm hits Bennett with a superkick.

* TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway def. The Decay. Lashley tried to interfere and accidentally takes out Abyss with a spear.

Source: PWInsider

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