Robbie E

TNA issued the following tweets on Friday announcing the re-signing of Robbie E and the introduction of two new talents: Sienna (aka Allysin Kay) and Caleb Konley.


  1. Who? Who? and Who? I guess TNA has become a minor league for WWE and ROH. Not sure if GFW still around we get bits and pieces every couple of months.

  2. I’ve heard of Robbie E, but only cos I occasionally read TNA results… the other two, no idea who they are…..

    and hasn’t TNA always been a minor league compared to WWE.. and ROH can’t say much about as never followed the product, but have known they’ve had big names (or people who have become big)… and no idea what’s happening with GFW…. last i heard it had an “Invasion” style thing happening with TNA…. and that was a very long time ago…… Couldn’t even tell you who’s on it or if it has a tv deal….

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