Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun has an interview up with TNA President Dixie Carter. Here are some highlights.

On signing a new three-year TV deal with Spike:
“It’s a huge deal for us. We?ve been with Spike four years now, and in that time period we?ve more than doubled our viewing audience. We?re almost at like two and a half times where we started. And we?ve moved time slots three different times and two different days, and it’s just a testament to those loyal wrestling fans out there to continue to follow us and to continue to allow us to grow. Spike is extremely happy and they?ve been very, very good partners, but we look forward to growing new programming with them as well as other networks.”

On ever wanting to have Impact go head-to-head with Raw:
“I think that you?re going to see some different things with us and Spike. I think that’s our goal going into this. Do we know specifically what they?re going to be? No. Does Spike love us for Thursday night on their network? Absolutely, they do. Is that our preference? No. We would love to be up against Raw on Monday night.”

Her comments on the situation involving Kurt Angle’s arrest:
“I can talk about it to some degree because it’s an ongoing legal case. I was briefed on the details of what happened, and I also know that people are innocent until proven guilty. And I think just like most sports franchises these days, they let the legal system do what they do best and you await the outcome. And that’s what we did.”

On Jeff Jarrett’s status with TNA:
“Jeff’s been working on a lot of different things for the company. He’s been working with me on developing new programming in kind of a bigger capacity in some ways, but that’s been his focus as of late.”

When she thinks Jarrett will return to TNA:
“Creatively, no. I don?t know. I would assume sooner than later, but I?m not sure exactly story line wise when that will be.”

Carter also did state that Rhaka Khan is still part of TNA. To view the full interview, click here.

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