TNA’s Tara (former WWE Diva Victoria) has added a new blog over on her MySpace page responding to comments by Kim Couture (the ex-wife of Randy Couture) regarding a potential MMA fight between the two. Tara also adds that the “agent” in the first story by The Dayton Daily News does not represent her and tells them to check the facts.

Here is a small blurb from the blog entry.

“Then it seems that Kim Couture gets stirred up and says to that she has no idea who I am, and that I look big, and she doesn’t know if I can get to the 135 lb weight class. Kim, I do walk around in the low 150’s. But as a former bodybuilder and fitness competitor, I know how to cut weight as good or better than most fighters. I cut to 119 for one show. I know I can get to 135. But frankly, you don’t want me to. I know pro wrestling is nothing like MMA. But anyone who has watched my career has some insight into what my fighting potential is. I broke the jaw of powerhouse Beth Pheonix in three places with a slap (which I sincerely regret to this day). I tugged 270 lb Awesome Kong out of the ring with one arm the other day on TNA. I dropped 15 feet to the cement floor head first last week and got up to finish the match. I have always had freakish physical ability.”

You can view the full blog at this link.

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