SPOILERS: TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV taping results for episodes to air on June 28 and July 5, Destination X special

TNA Impact Wrestling

The following was taped on Wednesday from Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV taping results for June 15, 2016.

6/28 episode:

* Braxton Sutter won a X-Division TItle #1 Contenders Battle Royal. The Helms Dynasty laid out Sutter afterwards. X-Division Champion Mike Bennett came out and said he would defend the title right now, leading to…

* X-Division Champion Mike Bennett def. Braxton Sutter to retain the title.

* Bram def. Rosemary by DQ when TNA Tag Team Champions Decay interfered, but Rosemary stopped them from attacking Bram.

* Angle where Matt Hardy came out in a wheelchair and feigned an injury, but then attacked Jeff Hardy. A match was made between the two that will be filmed at Matt Hardy’s house where the loser can no longer be a Hardy.

* Mahabali Shera, Tyrus and Grado def. The Tribunal and Al Snow

* TNA Champion Lashley def. Drew Galloway and EC3 to retain the title.

7/5 episode:

* Angle where X-Division Champion Mike Bennett announced he was cashing in the title to face Lashley for the TNA Title at Destination X next week. TNA President Dixie Carter returned and said Bennett has to face all challengers in an Ultimate X Match for the title first, leading to…

* Eddie Edwards won the X-Division Title in an Ultimate X match.

* James Storm def. TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake by DQ.

* Jade def. Marti Bell in a Street Fight.

* Angle where Mike Bennett and Maria argue with Dixie Carter and William Corgan, demanding that Bennett get a title match at Destination X or they will quit. Carter and Corgan call them on their bluff. Bennett and Maria leave, but say they will ruin Destination X.

* The Bromans and Raquel def. TNA Tag Team Champions Decay and Rosemary.

* No footage was shown of the Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy match, but its likely to air on this episode.

* TNA Champion Lashley vs. X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards in a Title vs. Title match is announced for Destination X.

Source: PWInsider.com