TNA Impact Wrestling

The following was taped on Wednesday from Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV taping results for June 15, 2016.

6/28 episode:

* Braxton Sutter won a X-Division TItle #1 Contenders Battle Royal. The Helms Dynasty laid out Sutter afterwards. X-Division Champion Mike Bennett came out and said he would defend the title right now, leading to…

* X-Division Champion Mike Bennett def. Braxton Sutter to retain the title.

* Bram def. Rosemary by DQ when TNA Tag Team Champions Decay interfered, but Rosemary stopped them from attacking Bram.

* Angle where Matt Hardy came out in a wheelchair and feigned an injury, but then attacked Jeff Hardy. A match was made between the two that will be filmed at Matt Hardy’s house where the loser can no longer be a Hardy.

* Mahabali Shera, Tyrus and Grado def. The Tribunal and Al Snow

* TNA Champion Lashley def. Drew Galloway and EC3 to retain the title.

7/5 episode:

* Angle where X-Division Champion Mike Bennett announced he was cashing in the title to face Lashley for the TNA Title at Destination X next week. TNA President Dixie Carter returned and said Bennett has to face all challengers in an Ultimate X Match for the title first, leading to…

* Eddie Edwards won the X-Division Title in an Ultimate X match.

* James Storm def. TNA King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake by DQ.

* Jade def. Marti Bell in a Street Fight.

* Angle where Mike Bennett and Maria argue with Dixie Carter and William Corgan, demanding that Bennett get a title match at Destination X or they will quit. Carter and Corgan call them on their bluff. Bennett and Maria leave, but say they will ruin Destination X.

* The Bromans and Raquel def. TNA Tag Team Champions Decay and Rosemary.

* No footage was shown of the Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy match, but its likely to air on this episode.

* TNA Champion Lashley vs. X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards in a Title vs. Title match is announced for Destination X.



  1. Really? A match where the loser can’t be a Hardy? This is as bad if not worse then the Harlem Heat fued in WCW when Booker T lost to Big T and couldn’t use the T anymore. The only thing that will make it better is if they sign Clarence Mason to have a contract signing for it.

  2. Obviously “William” Corgan hasn’t helped the situation when it comes to the writing because it is God awful.

  3. So dumb. Why is this Braxton Sutter guy already being placed in championship matches? I hope they don’t plan on breaking up The Decay, they are one of the few (literally FEW) good things about TNA. This whole Hardy angle is beyond retarded now. No longer using the Hardy last name? Really? Which idiot writer came up with that? I guess Tyrus is a face now? Well that just sucks. They’ll probably turn him into a joke since he’s already teaming up with those other 2 jokes Grado and Shera. Ah, so they decided to hot potato the X-Division title back to Edwards. No wonder that division has gone to shits, its cause there’s no direction, and no one has a clue. Actually… the whole company is pretty directionless. And “William” Corgan is just annoying.

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