Drew Galloway on not being scripted as much in TNA, Josh Mathews lands ESPN Radio show, preview for Impact on July 5

Drew Galloway

Drew Galloway on not being scripted as much in TNA

Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio passed along an interview with TNA star Drew Galloway where he talks about being heavily scripted during his time with WWE and why he is able to improv more often on Impact Wrestling every week.

“Basically what you see is what you get with me. You will see it in my body when I am talking wrestling and I start to get amped up. I forget where I am at and I start to jump all over the place. I just love this business and I am so passionate about it. So many ideas will just flood my head at once and it’s hard to contain myself. With WWE you are playing a role on a TV show. There is only so much room for improvisation because you have to stick to the character and that’s just the way of the beast and how it works. For TNA, they saw what I was doing in the indies and contacted me and told me I could be myself over there. They give me material, but they let me put it in my own words. It’s so much easier for a talent to deliver and let them take it and make it their own. It really does give the optimum product and the best extension of your character.”

Josh Mathews lands ESPN Radio show

TNA commentator Josh Mathews announced that he would be hosting “The Josh Mathews Show” on ESPN Radio in Nashville starting on July 16.

Preview for Impact on July 5

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy takes place again on Impact Wrestling on July 5 next week.

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