TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle made an appearance today on “Bubba the Love Sponge” radio show. Here are some highlights of his appearance courtesy of The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online:

* Angle referred to himself in the interview as “Mr. Nice Guy who got crapped on.”

* Although they never mentioned Trenesha Biggers (Rhaka Khan) by name, he said that she moved in with him and then changed her mailing address to his house to establish residency.

* Angle said she wanted an engagement ring. He also said she tried to extort “lots of money” from him (Bubba said in the range of $50,000, but Angle wouldn’t comment) and threatened to ruin his life and career.

* He said they hardly talked when they lived together, but never fought. Angle said he kept trying to ask her when she planned on leaving. He said she was always on the computer and would hide what she was looking at when he would enter the room.

* Angle said that in the protection order she claimed he yelled at her and said something similar to what another celebrity wrestler told his ex-wife. Bubba asked if it was what Hulk Hogan said to his ex-wife Linda in that he could understand why O.J. Simpson did what he did. Angle said he couldn’t answer that.

* He said around a week before this past weekend while she was out of town he spoke with police about what he could do to get her out of the house. Angle said he was told there was very little he could do.

* Angle said on Friday night she wanted to talk and he wanted to go to bed. She asked to borrow his car at 11:30 that night to go to the store and he allowed her to. Angle said he believes she went to the police at that time and got the protection from abuse order.

* He said on Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. four police cars (including the officer he spoke with the week before) came to his house and told him about the order. Angle said he was told to leave and did so around 7:15 a.m. He claims video surveillance from his gated community shows her following his car out of the area.

* Angle claims he went to go check in at a hotel which was in a different law enforcement jurisdiction and circled the hotel parking lot (not the Starbucks lot) while talking on the phone to TNA officials, his attorney and agent about what had just happened. He said he then pulled into the Starbucks which was close to his hotel and it was around that time (7:30 a.m.) that police arrested him. Angle said police did not believe him when he said he had just left his house.

* He said the HGH that was found was “buried deep” in an “old bad” that he had grabbed and the vials of HGH were two years old that he didn’t know where in the bag. Angle said they were prescribed for his neck injury and he could be tested right now and he would test clean.

* Angle said the DUI charge from last year was never expunged from his record, so he now has three separate hearings (DUI, violation of PFA and HGH possession) to deal with.

* He said his lawyer is in court now trying to get him back into his house.

* Angle called the entire situation an embarrassment to himself, his family and TNA. He said she got him “when things were going good” noting his fourth movie and a recent magazine cover shoot. Angle said he didn’t know what he was thinking when he decided to date her.

* He said he didn’t speak publicly on the matter for a few days since his attorney was on vacation and thinks TNA wanted to “keep it under the rug” since both of them work there. Angle said he would probably hire a publicist once all of this clears up.

* Angle also added that this has been one of the toughest years of his life between this situation, his divorce and “finding out you know who was dating you know who.” This was the only mention made of the relationship between Karen and Jeff Jarrett during the interview.

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