The Final Deletion

For those who missed it during Tuesday’s broadcast of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, TNA has posted the entire Final Deletion match between Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Our own Josh Boutwell provided his review of the show from Tuesday adding, “I’m honestly confused as hell at what I saw tonight. I don’t know if it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in wrestling or the most ridiculously stupid thing.”

TNA had been hyping up the match for a full week online including distributing early copies of the match to members of the TNA roster and pro wrestling media. Matt Hardy’s character transformation has certainly created a lot of buzz for TNA either way.


  1. i wept, from hilarity, and pure joy. good goddamn, that was absolutely ridiculous, and absolutely entertaining!

  2. One of my favorite TNA matches for this year because it was something different, over the top, absolutely ridiculous & entertaining!

  3. Holy C, what a trainwreck was that!!! Not as bad that it becomes good, just bad in almost a Katie Vick kind way….

  4. I go with ridiculously stupid thing, it did involve Matt V1 Lied Hardy and Goof Hardy

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