Impact Wrestling TV tapings

TNA has officially retired the King of the Mountain Championship at last night’s 8/13 Impact Wrestling TV tapings from Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

The company taped a segment featuring new President Billy Corgan introducing the TNA Grand Championship. The title will be the focus of a new division featuring matches in rounds with judges. A tournament has been announced to crown a first ever champion.

Lashley will go down as the final TNA King of the Mountain Champion after the title was introduced last year as part of the reintroduction of Jeff Jarrett for last year’s Slammiversary PPV. The title, which was first introduced in 2008 as the TNA Legends title, had been touted under a variety of names including the TNA Global title and the TNA Television title.

You can check out a photo of the new title courtesy of Modern Myth Photography.

#BillyCorgan unveiled #ImpactBrandTitle its a thing of Beauty … #ImpactWrestling #ModernMythPhotography

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  1. “Grand Champion” isn’t exactly the best name for a title (perhaps it will grow on me though), but I really like the idea of having matches with rounds and judges. It’s something different and should be pretty interesting to see. The direction TNA has been going in lately is promising. Lashley and Storm put on one of the best wrestling matches all summer (in any promotion), and I like how Lashley is finally being portrayed as a dominant force. The addition of Sandow has generated some interest, and hopefully Ryback and Cody Rhodes will jump on board also, as TNA could use some bigger names on their roster again.

  2. They couldve used a different name,but i love the Belt design. I JUST SAID THIS!! They needed to get rid of the KOTM Title and I said this on the Wrestleview post about Billy taking over. And I think that the Grand Title idea of judges, if they allow the audience to be a judge so to speak, itll go over you know. like if they had 3 judges, 1 would represent the people and they cheer for who they want and the judge votes that way and the other 2 judges vote their views. i think it can work.

  3. *crosses eyes* I really don’t know what to think of this. Why keep having another title if they’re going to just keep getting rid of it then repackage it.

  4. Grand Champion? First thing it made me think of was the movie Mississippi Burning and all the various titles the KKK have, including Grand Wizard. A little too similar, imo. Might end up biting them in the ass later. Hope not. The idea has some promise, depending on how they execute it. But apparently neither WWE nor TNA can name new belts to save their respective lives. Might as well bring back the old WCW TV Title.

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