TNA Impact Wrestling

The following was taped this weekend from Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling taping results for August 13 and 14, 2016:

* DJ Z won an Ultimate X Match to win the vacated X-Division Title.

* In-ring segment with Mike Bennett and MOOSE teasing dissension.

* EC3 def. Eli Drake

* Drew Galloway promo about why he attacked Aron Rex. Billy Corgan comes out and teases suspending Galloway. Aron Rex comes out and he and Galloway brawl.

* Segment where Maria forces Allie to lay down and give her the TNA Knockouts TItle belt that Allie won. Allie reluctantly does so, thus making Maria the new Knockouts Champion.

* TNA Champion Lashley def. Mike Bennett after MOOSE refused to help him. MOOSE laid out Bennett after.

* Xplosion: Eddie Edwards def. Marshe Rockett

* Segment where Billy Corgan is announced as the new TNA President. Corgan unveils the new TNA Grand Championship, where it will be contested in three-round matches with judges.

* Grand Championship Tournament Match: Drew Galloway def. Braxton Sutter

* Segment where Mike Bennett vs. MOOSE is made for Bound for Glory.

* Jade and Gail Kim def. Allie and Sienna

* Grand Championship Tournament Match: Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz

* ONO PPV: Tyrus def. Crazzy Steve

* ONO PPV: Marti Belle def. Madison Rayne

* Xplosion: Robbie E. def. Andrew Everett

* Broken Matt Hardy def. TNA Tag Team Champion Crazzy Steve. Afterwards, Steve says that Decay is at the Hardy compound and that Rosemary has Maxel.

* Lashley promo talking about now having no match at Bound for Glory since he took out EC3. Grado comes out to challenge Lashley, but Lashley quickly lays him out. MOOSE runs out and Lashley flees. MOOSE challenges Lashley to a match for later.

* Grand Championship Tournament Match: Aron Rex def. Trevor Lee

* Segment where Maria rips on Aliie and the fans, then does a mock induction of Gail Kim into the TNA Hall of Fame. Dixie Carter comes out and says Maria can’t be Knockouts Champion and the head of the Knockouts at the same time. Dixie puts Gail Kim in a #1 Contenders Gauntlet match for later.

* Grand Championship Tournament Match: Eddie Edwards def. Mahabali Shera

* Segment where Broken Matt, Brother Nero and Reby Hardy brawl with Decay.

* Gail Kim wins the #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match, last eliminating Sienna.

* Segment where Lashley refuses to fight MOOSE, but instead challenges him for Bound for Glory. MOOSE accepts, but then Mike Bennett attacks MOOSE. EC3 runs out to make the save.

* Xplosion: Basile Baraka def. Marshe Rockett

* Xplosion: Eddie Edwards def. Baron Dax

* ONO PPV: Mike Bennett def. Braxton Sutter

* ONO PPV: Jade and Grado def. Sienna and Eli Drake