Brandi Rhodes

TMZ Sports is reporting that former WWE announcer Brandi Rhodes, wife of former WWE star Cody Rhodes, has signed a deal with TNA to join Impact Wrestling’s Knockout division.

Rhodes announced her departure from WWE back in May shortly after her husband requested his release from the company as well.

The article did not reveal when she would officially debut for TNA.


  1. But he did say recently that he is going to do a small run in ROH, not just a one-off match at Final Battle. I hope he sticks to his word. ROH will actually boost him on the indie scene more than TNA ever could.

  2. And his real name is Cody Runnels, but I don’t think he’s ever gone by the name Cody Runnels. She’s carrying the family name now. WWE didn’t want it to be a known thing, but now that they are ‘unchained’, I’m pretty sure she can call herself whatever she wants.

  3. Cody has already signed with TNA. They can’t be the Rhodes Scholars because 1) WWE is blocking Cody from using the Rhodes name and 2) Aron Rex isn’t the same type of character as Damien Sandow.

  4. I don’t know if WWE does own the name Rhodes, Back When Dusty was working for TNA some years ago I think he was using the Rhodes name there. (not sure but I think he was) but yeah I’m sure WWE owns the “Rhodes-Scholar” team name though.

  5. Thank goodness a new knockout! I was beginning to wonder how many times TNA was gonna have the same five girls fight each other lol Also why not let Rosemary and Raquelle get into the mix? But this is a good move, I would say sign about 5 more and things will be solid.

  6. Yes all true but I actually meant being combined as a tag team more than using their WWE given names or gimmicks. Hence the 😀

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