Impact Wrestling

TNA has released a video on Wednesday afternoon with the tag “he is coming…tomorrow night” hyping tomorrow night’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV.

The video, which is believed to be featuring former WWE star Cody Rhodes, is expected to air tomorrow night as part of a pre-taped video segment during the show.

TNA has all footage filmed for Impact Wrestling and will return to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida in two weeks following the Bound for Glory PPV to tape more TV.

You can view the video below courtesy of TNA.


  1. if you were wanting it to be a surprise, wouldnt you maybe delay the signing of his wife till after the surprise?

  2. Hmm… unless they’re purposely trying to throw us off a bit. Seems a little too obvious its Rhodes according to that video. So maybe its Ryback or Del Rio. Either way, Rhodes & Ryback are for sure coming in anyhow.

  3. So no one picked up on the ‘all roads’ part of the video? I really hope it isn’t him. I really wanted a good ROH run for him.

    I would never say this in any other instance, but… please be Ryback, please by Ryback, please be Ryback.

  4. What the hell, why are people even speculating. Look at the finger tattoo? It’s Cody! Where does Ryback even feature in this conversation?

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