Cody Rhodes

Former WWE star Cody Rhodes made his TNA debut during a video package that aired during tonight’s 9/22 episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV.

The video promoted that he would be making his official debut at the upcoming Bound For Glory PPV in two weeks on Sunday, October 2 in Orlando at Universal Studios.

It’s interesting to note that Rhodes was simply referred to as “Cody” in all promotional material released by TNA on Thursday night. You can view the full video below.


  1. Honestly, I think the lack of “Rhodes” will work to his advantage. Even if you’re doing great work of your own accord, it’s always hard to separate yourself from the shadow of a famous relative when you’ve got the same last name.

    Besides, we all know he’s Dusty’s son, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be said. Hopefully, they’ll run with this for a while.

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