Impact Wrestling on Pop TV

Last night’s 9/22 TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV drew 377,000 viewers on Thursday night according to a report by

This is up from last week’s show that drew 366,000 viewers. It is also the most viewers for the show on Pop TV since the move to Thursday night.

Impact, headlined by TNA Champion Lashley and Mike Bennett vs. EC3 and Moose, averaged a 0.09 rating among adults 18-49 on Thursday night. This is the same as last week.


  1. Excellent. Maybe Cody is just what the doctor ordered. I just hope they push him right like they’ve done to Drew, EC3, Lashley, & Rex so far.

  2. the more ex wwe wrestlers they get the more it seems to help their ratings because they are bringing their fans that they had over in the wwe to watch them in tna. it’s almost like we are seeing wcw in the early 90’s all over again with the surge of ex wwe wrestlers coming over to tna recently.

  3. the first push is most of the time the easiest. TNA has proven in the last years that after that initial promissing push they don’t really know what to do anymore.
    so fingers crossed.

  4. Good point but when you look at WWE who are their biggest stars right now? Nearly all their biggest stars & many of their current champions come from outside the company.
    AJ Styles (c): New Japan via TNA
    Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & TJ Perkins are all TNA alumni
    Dean Ambrose: CZW
    Kevin Owens (c), Seth Rollins, Cesaro, & Sami Zayn are all ROH alumni
    Shinsuke Nakamura (c), Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, & Luke Gallows were all bought away from New Japan
    Sasha Banks (c): NWA & various Northeast independent promotions
    Becky Lynch (c): various international independent promotions
    Now WWE isn’t doing great as far as ratings go at the moment but what would they be like right now without all these guys & girls there?

  5. Recently? A few years ago that was almost half of TNA (ex-wwe) and was their focus (that was perhaps like WCW) – this time, they are only signing ex-WWE talent that are still in their prime and that we’re underused in WWE, not people who already had massive, massive brands before joining TNA – I actually think what they are doing now is the opposite of what they did then and what WCW did. Go through their roster one by one and you’ll see youth and people underused from WWE. TNA have been taking some of the best steps and moves in the last 1-2 years since over 5 years ago when they were a younger, more innovative company – IMO. Too bad they weren’t doing this in pre-2009 when it was said they were starting to turn a profit before they brought in the Hogan era.

  6. Went and took a peek and out of 33 on their active roster only 7 are ex-WWE that had any brand awareness in WWE (I.e. Not including EC3, Davey and Eddie Edwards as I didn’t even know they were in developmental before TNA) – Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Lashley (both Jeff and Lashley have spent more time in TNA overall now I believe), Sandow, Cody and Brandi, and Maria.

    I may be missing one or two here but hardly call it signing many WWE major talents recently IMO. I didn’t include Greg / Shane Helms by the way in the list.

    Jeff, Matt and Lashley are hardly new hires and neither is Maria so recent ex-WWE hires basically amount to Cody, Sandow/Rex and Brandi.

    Was just so surprised when I saw your note about comparing TNA lately to WCW I felt compelled to comment.

  7. For those with Time Warner Cable aka Spectrum… POP is now available. This should help with ratings now that the station is available to more viewers.

  8. Yup, that’s why I mentioned I may have missed one or two, although I wouldn’t have included Eli for the same reason I wouldn’t call EC3 or the Wolves ex-WWE in the context Steele is using ex-WWE but all the same, hoping my central point is noted that what TNA is doing right now is miles away from what WCW did in the 90’s 🙂

  9. I just felt Drew Galloway deserved to be mentioned by name since he’s probably been TNA’s greatest post-WWE success story. From 3MB & being pinned by Hornswaggle to holding 7 title belts on 3 continents including the TNA Heavyweight title. Praiseworthy indeed.
    Your central point was definitely noted & agreed with though. 😀

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