Joey Styles

Joey Styles, who parted ways with WWE back in August in his role as Vice President of Digital Media, was asked on Twitter if he had any interest in going to work for TNA.

Styles said he had no interest at this time and is now focused on working with CHIKARA, EVOLVE, Beyond Wrestling and Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore.

Styles did comment on a role he would be interested in taking on with TNA.


  1. Wow,Joey Styles is full of himself. I get that TNA has been struggling for years but for him to act like a asshole makes him even more unlikable.

  2. Kind of agree. They still have Don West deals on ShopTNA, plus the same things have been on clearance since 2013. They are still selling the Jeff Jarrett guitar for $60 as well.

  3. Just because they literally have one page which is only about Impact/upcoming PPV and can’t actually look up ANYTHING else about the company; ie current roster, current champs/title history, or even a “On this day” type thing doesn’t mean it’s abyssmal……

    Ok ok… yeah their site is absolutely terrible.. it literally has one page!!!!

  4. I was on the TNA website not that long ago to look up their current roster and yeah there’s almost nothing left of what made it a pretty good website at one time. I was shocked…well, not that shocked that they were even letting their webpage lapse into nothingness. If they’re going to keep on thinking of themselves as a major wrestling company they need to upgrade it pronto. Joey is going to have to be more specific about correcting their “social media practices” though. Does he mean not making “major announcements” for every little thing? If that’s what he means, I have to agree with him about that.

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