Billy Corgan

TNA President Billy Corgan made an appearance on “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” on ESPN Radio on Thursday morning to discuss the latest involving TNA.

Corgan was asked by host Dan Le Betard if the rumors about WWE showing interest again was true or not. He first clarified that you don’t win a bidding war with Vince McMahon adding, “There is nothing you or God can do to stop him.” He said that has not happened yet and hopes he would be informed of that if it was actually going down.

The current situation involving ownership rights of TNA was described as being a “furious fight” according to Corgan. When asked if Bound For Glory was in jeopardy of not taking place on Sunday, Corgan compared the situation to the NFL’s “Music City Miracle.” Corgan said he’s had to step in before at the last minute financially and talent don’t want him to step in Sunday if it turns out to be a bad deal that puts them back in the same situation.

The hosts discussed the current climate of pro wrestling in 2016 and how TNA’s business compares to that of WWE. Corgan talked about wrestling being a tough sell to the advertising world, which is why he wants to update the image of the presentation.  Corgan feels you can approach the business side different compared to WWE noting that many NFL teams have different approaches to success. He added that TNA needs “consistent capital” and noted that has been the biggest issue with the company.


  1. The thing that makes me laugh the most is that TNA never has come close to making the kinda money WCW made but WWE will have to pay more for TNA then they did WCW.

  2. TNA’s “video library” can’t be worth that much either, because even TNA doesn’t have every PPV available for purchase on their website. You can’t even find a lot of the older DVD s on EBay, so WWE is buying basically buying Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Sting, Roode, and Joe.

  3. didn’t jarret snr sell some early tna footage to vince a few years back. (asylum era) or was that some of their other libaries

  4. thats because wcw had a guy named ted turner who was a billonaire that could shell out money like it was toliet paper to get top rate talent and who also owned one of the biggest networks on cable called turner broadcasting. so it’s alot easier to compete when you have a billionaire that owns major networks backing you than someone who doesn’t have any of that. so to compare tna to wcw is like comparing apples to oranges.

  5. TNA needs to air on a better network. No offense to Pop Network but I think they can draw better somewhere else. If only Discovery would move TNA to one of its sister networks it could maybe blow up with ratings

  6. Also, let’s be honest, IF Vince ever did get TNA’s video library, it would be the WWE’s version of TNA’s video library. If you want the real video library, just go buy the DVD s on ShopTNA or Amazon before Vince edits them to hell.

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