There remains lots of speculation within TNA regarding some possible firings after Dutch Mantel and Savio Vega were let go last week. The belief among many in the company is that the firings were a way to send a message and were told that message was definitely received among the “Jarrett allies.”

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now reporting that TNA President Dixie Carter made the decision to send Jarrett home after she found out Jarrett was actually seeing Karen Angle despite the fact that Jarrett had assured her earlier that the rumors were not true. So that didn’t go over well.

As of now, most people feel Jarrett will survive some of the changes that are being made within the company, but will retain a much less powerful role. Jarrett is a minority owner in TNA and Dixie Carter could buy out his stock and he would essentially be out of the picture, although talks of that don’t appear to be happening at the moment despite other wrestling media sources creating a situation that really isn’t there right now. It should be noted that there have been private interviews with TNA staff and talent, with most actually burying Jarrett. Kurt Angle has supposedly threatened to leave TNA if Jarrett remained the driving force of creative when he is brought back, while some of the older wrestlers are complaining that TNA is making the same mistakes WCW made.

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