Billy Corgan files lawsuit against TNA and Dixie Carter, Corgan gets temporary retraining order issued

Billy Corgan

TNA President Billy Corgan filed a lawsuit against TNA Entertainment, Dixie Carter (Salinas), Serg Salinas, Impact Ventures and Dean Broadhead on Wednesday (October 12).

A temporary restraining order was also issued per court filings found online. A temporary injunction is set to be heard next Thursday (October 20) according to court documents. Details regarding the lawsuit were kept private the request of Corgan.

The lawsuit comes just days after TNA filmed several weeks worth of Impact Wrestling episodes for Pop TV that will begin airing tonight through December and the Bound For Glory PPV two weeks ago. Corgan had publicly stated his intent in various media interviews about wanting to gain majority ownership of TNA heading into Bound For Glory.

Dixie Carter did address talent during the week of the TV tapings confirming rumors that WWE had been in play to try and buy the company’s tape library, but she would not allow it. A report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online this week described the situation between Corgan and Carter as being “super heated” and that Aroluxe Marketing was likely back in play to gain majority ownership of the company.

It should also be noted that according to a report by on Thursday evening, TNA has even more legal trouble. Audience of One Productions, the former production company of TNA, filed a lawsuit against Impact Ventures (the parent company of TNA) back on September 27 seeking $233,000 plus interest “for breach of contract, fraudulent inducement on the behalf of Harris and Broadhead and torturous interference on behalf of Aroluxe.” The lawsuit accuses the company of “dragging out payment with false promises.”

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