Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan, who was described in a press released issued by Anthem Sports & Entertainment as “no longer with the company”, took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon revealing that he was still not repaid his loans by TNA.

Court proceedings earlier this week on Monday revealed that Corgan would be repaid his loans to Impact Ventures (the parent company of TNA Wrestling) by Tuesday (November 1). According to Corgan, TNA asked for more time and he still hasn’t been paid.

Corgan revealed in a series of tweets this afternoon that he plans to explore “all remedies including new filings with court” and converting the 36% equity in TNA that Dixie Carter had held. The press release by Anthem announcing a new “credit relationship” with Impact Ventures indicated management was moving forward without Corgan.


  1. Should’ve done your homework Billy. Anyone wrestling fan with internet access knows this is how TNA operates behind the scenes. It’s not right but it’s what goes on there and has been for some time now. Maybe with this deal with Anthem MAYBE you’ll get your money back at least, which is more than a lot of past wrestlers & production staff have gotten.

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