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Anthem Sports & Entertainment, parent company of Fight Network, issued a series of tweets on Thursday evening responding to comments by Billy Corgan who stated he had yet to receive his loan repayment after Anthem announced a new “credit relationship” with Impact Ventures (parent company of TNA Wrestling) earlier today.

Corgan accused Impact Ventures of lying again and that they were using “time as a weapon” after a court ordered he be repaid as of Tuesday (November 1).

Anthem issued the following tweets that TNA also reiterated online as well.


  1. Laughable. It’s pretty “inappropriate” not to pay someone who bailed out your failing company. Meanwhile loser red neck Dixie gets her check…

  2. Fight Network are they on the Forbes list? They are certainly experienced in multiple re-organization of their own brand and such. I wonder if their legal guys work for Pay When WE Get To Ya. SAD for the talent.

  3. Well……all I know is that AS&E is a private Canadian global sports media company (owned by a guy worth $833 million) that operates Fight Network, Impact
    Wrestling’s exclusive broadcaster in Canada, as well as the exclusive
    worldwide digital streaming partner for all TNA programming. It is also
    an equity stakeholder of Impact Ventures.

  4. Exactly. And TNA continue to look like idiots, along with Anthem Sports and The Fight Network who were stupid enough to ally themselves with Dixie/TNA to begin with. Nothing wrong with what Corgan said. He was promised money by a certain time limit, and TNA failed to honor their end, a decision which was made before the courts for crying out loud.

  5. This is crappy for Billy all the way around (hoping he gets repaid within days) but amazing news for the future of TNA (the company that won’t seem to go away) as having the backing of a large company like AS&E and the experience their team brings is a major win for all involved accept Billy – I’m sure Dixie lost a lot of ownership in the deal but with the financial state of the company this could prove to be much better, and it sounds like she’ll no longer have the final say in major decisions which isn’t really a bad thing for the future of the brand. Plus, it didn’t go under and she’d probably rather it be stable than disappear all together. A good day for TNA but not a great day for Billy 🙁

  6. See above Rob, I agree it’s bad the way he’s been treated but by all accounts this one isn’t Dixie as she is no longer going to be the key person or have the final say and it was Anthem in court who said they’d be paying Billy back so I’d say this one is out of Dixie’s hands but see above as to why I feel this is crappy for Billy but great for TNA and people who want to see it continue going forward and probably better for the talent in terms of getting paid in a timely fashion 🙂

  7. It’s not in her control now, but it was when the loans were made and she promised, so she should be accountable at least to hold her word, whatever good her word is.

  8. Agreed, but I think we all know she didn’t have the funding to pay the full loan back at once without this deal with Anthem and where the loan was due in payments (not all at once like it is now) I guess there is no knowing if she would have continued to honour the payments without the full amount coming due. My understanding from what I’ve read is that TNA was paying on the loans from him but once this lawsuit came all, the verdict was it would all be do at once.

    So I agree that of course it should be honoured but I think we all know you can’t make money appear that isn’t there, much the same as I’m sure one of the best bookers (who had WWE backing them) in the business (who also had so many reasons he should have succeeded) in Paul Heyman didn’t want to screw over so many completely loyal talent and I’m sure he wanted to honour his word to them BUT without the money or means to do so…

  9. “Mr. Corgan’s loan will be dealt with appropriately.”

    So in other words they’re stiffing him too.

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