Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan fired back a series of tweets at the official Twitter account for Fight Network (owned by Anthem Sports & Entertainment) after they issued tweets on Thursday rejecting comments made by Corgan earlier regarding TNA still not repaying his loan.

Corgan contends that while Anthem accused him of “inappropriate” discourse by issuing public tweets about the lawsuit, he noted that Anthem sent out a press release both on Thursday and during the ongoing lawsuit before the judge ruling.

Corgan also retweeted a graphic spoofing how much money Dixie Carter and TNA owes him, with Corgan clarifying that it is actually $2.7 million total.

You can view Corgan’s tweet responses below.


  1. You loaned Dixie $2.7 million!!!??? Billy!!! Your heart was in the right place but jeez, a fool & his money….. You’d have been better off buying stock in Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

  2. Starting to see why Vince didn’t want anything to do with TNA. They must be pricing their video library way out of the market value. If people really want to see AJ Styles’ old stuff, you can pick up Best of DVD set for $22. There’s no need to watch it on the network one day, where it will just be edited to hell.

  3. Yeah, wasn’t a smart move. I really can’t see TNA being worth that much now. EC3, Drew Galloway, Lashley, and even with the Hardy’s, they still don’t draw 2.7 million in profit. So, really, they would never break even.

  4. There’s an old saying; something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Corgan’s love for pro wrestling is no secret, and if he believed in the TNA product enough to fund it to that level, then it was worth it to him.

  5. He actually is saying exactly that if he is still exploring converting it to equity rather than fighting / waiting for Anthems repayment! So I guess it is still worth it to him because his equity won’t even be half the company shares! (Which means they value TNA at close to 8 million? Crazy)

  6. 2.7 Million dollars?! How much money does this guys (or Dixie Carter for that matter) have?! Here’s hoping that if TNA goes out of business it’ll dissolve into GFW and Jeff Jarrett will reclaim his rights to the company,still have rights to GFW,and will be able to get tv exposure with Pop TV but that’s just wishful thinking.

  7. Billy’s net worth is 50 million based on the net worth listings estimated – is that what you meant? How much is Billy worth?

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