David Lagana

David Lagana announces his departure from TNA Wrestling

David Lagana, a former writer for WWE and also spent time in a production role with Ring of Honor, announced on Friday in a post on Medium that he would be officially departing TNA Wrestling. Lagana signed with TNA back in 2011 as a writer for the company.

“Today I made the decision to leave TNA Impact Wrestling. A decision I do not make lightly but one I made to create a future that I control. In 2017, you need to look forward to 2020 and beyond. My focus now is on personal branding, technology and the wild west of storytelling available to all content creators today.”

Drew Galloway gives update on his injury status

TNA star Drew Galloway took to Twitter to provide an update on his neck injury he suffered back in September, an injury the prevented him from wrestling at TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV back in October. Galloway is hoping to make a return to the ring “within a few weeks.”


  1. A pretty good wrestling writer who unfortunately has had to work under several idiots: John Laurinitis, Stephanie McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Bruce Prichard, John Gaburick etc…

  2. Drew McIntyre. Curtis Axel was Michael Mcguillicutty.
    And no, Drew Galloway is far better off in TNA (from a creative standpoint) than he was in WWE. In WWE he was part of 3MB, aka J.O.B. Squad 2014, and losing to Hornswaggle. In TNA, he’s been recognized for his talent as a main eventer and was also given the freedom to compete in other promotions. As such, he’s held 6 different heavyweight titles on 3 continents including the TNA title. So his profile as a top tier wrestler has grown by leaps & bounds outside of WWE.

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