Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho disappointed with Billy Corgan’s TNA exit

WWE star Chris Jericho made an appearance on “The LAW” to promote his upcoming live “Talk is Jericho” podcast taping in Toronto on November 20.

During the interview, Jericho addressed whether or not TNA can turn it around and his disappointment over Billy Corgan leaving per a recap by The Wrestling Observer.

“My heart, as a wrestler and as a fan, yes. The worst thing that can happen and I think even fans that do nothing but (expletive) about TNA would admit the worst thing that can happen would be for TNA to go out of business. I think for the boys and the whole industry it would not be good and the thing is, I was kind of looking forward to maybe a Billy Corgan taking over and giving it a fresh coat of paint and trying things a different way because I think that’s what they have to do. I was disappointed, I know Billy, I know Billy’s passion, I know how Billy is, he’s kind of like the reverse me. He’s the only other guy that I know that would legitimately – he made it huge in one industry and has really made a lot of inroads in a completely different industry because he has a passion for both, for music and wrestling. I wanted to see him take over. Sometimes, you have to gut everything.”

Anthem issues statement about Corgan settlement

The official Twitter account for Fight Network issued the following statement on behalf of Anthem Sports & Entertainment regarding the settlement with Billy Corgan yesterday.