TNA Impact Wrestling Results

The 11/24 TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV drew 165,000 viewers on Thanksgiving this past Thursday night according to a report by

This is way down from last week’s show that drew 336,000 viewers, but the drop off is predictable for the Thanksgiving holiday. Impact Wrestling last year on the Thanksgiving holiday when the show was on Destination America, drew 312,000 viewers.

Impact was headlined by a series of segments involving Broken Matt Hardy and EC3 vs. Eli Drake, averaged a 0.05 rating among adults 18-49. This was down from last week’s 0.09 rating.


  1. 312,000 last year Thanksgiving, now 165,000 is predictable? So almost half is predictable? How much longer can a network support a show that does these numbers? Reruns of King Of Queens does higher ratings than this.

  2. I guess the bigger question is what did they did the week before on Destination America for comparison to see how big of a percentage reduction it is compared to last year where there numbers on POP are way lower in general – the second question is what are TNA’s numbers like for a network like POP and are they reasonable for POP – that would answer your second question – they would have been cancelled in a week with those numbers on SPIKE but perhaps got a smaller, newer, niche network like POP the numbers are ok and bring in the right advertisers – need better comparison numbers for me to speculate!

  3. I’m not an expert on production costs of a TV show, but wouldn’t it be cheaper to create a “Impact Wrestling streaming channel” or maybe an APP, rather than hoping for tv deal after tv deal, and constantly being downgraded to a less popular network? Just a suggestion. If TNA’s APP was $4.99/month, I even might think about purchasing it.

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