Broken Matt Hardy

During last night’s 12/2 ROH Final Battle PPV in New York City, “Broken” Matt Hardy made an appearance on screen following the conclusion of The Young Bucks successfully defending the ROH Tag Team Championships against The Briscoes.

Hardy issued a challenge to The Young Bucks stating that he and his Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) would be coming to Ring of Honor to “delete” their tag team title reign. It was not officially revealed by ROH when this match would be taking place.

As many are aware, both Matt and Jeff Hardy remain under deals with TNA and are currently promoting the upcoming “Total Nonstop Deletion” special that airs on December 15 on Pop TV. It’s possible they were given permission to work a one-time appearance with ROH or agreed to similar terms to the deal Cody Rhodes has allowing him to work for both promotions. Both Hardy’s have worked for ROH in the past following stints with WWE.

“Broken” Matt Hardy issues a challenge to The Young Bucks

You can check out the video that aired last night during Final Battle below.


  1. I suggested years ago that ROH and TNA should merge, or at least have the rosters cross over.This could possibly mend the rift between TNA and NJPW as well. It could mean better ratings for both companies. Just a thought.

  2. Years ago they had a working relationship where the rosters could (and did) crossover to each other’s shows. I don’t believe the feuds followed. It was only about 3 maybe 4 years ago that TNA’s front office cut those ties and mandated to TNA’s talent that TNA’s front office had to approve all independent dates worked by their talent.

  3. I’ve felt the two would be stronger together, but even a working relationship would be a step in the right direction.

  4. Dixie’s been “driving the ship” for just about all of TNA’s existence, though she has only been TNA’s majority stockholder since 2015. The talent exchange initially ended in 2004 due to the Rob Feinstein scandal. It would resume after the scandal blew over. It ended for good in 2007 when ROH signed a deal to air shows on InDemand networks which led to ROH on HDNet.

  5. I didn’t think TNA was letting their wrestlers cross-promote with ROH but Cody Rhodes did it & now The Hardys are doing it too. Cool, I’m all for it.

  6. Dixie has been the majority shareholder since Panda moved away from funding in 2009 – this has been shared many times and with her parents basically making it possible she has been making the decisions fully since almost the day theit purchased it from Jarrett with only a few times her parents said “we’re putting a hold on funding in that area” throughout. Not trying to start an argument but this has all been well documented throughout the years!

  7. Panda moved away from funding in 2009 but still owned a majority of the stock. Dixie purchased that stock in 2015 and it is now owned by her personally and not Panda Energy. When Dixie became majority stockholder TNA began doing business as Impact Ventures, LLC. That had previously done business as TNA Entertainment LLC, and TNA Wrestling under Panda Energy (and Jerry and Jeff Jarrett before them).

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