Impact Wrestling logo

TNA appears to have introduced a new Impact Wrestling logo that now features Anthem Sports & Entertainment branding, the new owners of TNA Impact Wrestling.

Twitter user @MrJacobCohen is live at tonight’s TNA One Night Only PPV in Orlando, Florida from Universal Studios and tweeted out the following photos.


  1. What the hell?! Looks retarded!! And no, it’s not cause I wanna be negative. You can barely see the bottom half of those “Impact” letters cause its the same damn color as the background. Yeah, and what’s with that stupid bird? The one thing they DIDN’T need to change was their logo. The one they had was actually pretty good!

  2. Nnnnnhhh… Yeah, that just doesn’t do it for me. It is cluttered, busy, and the eagle’s eyes seem to appear out of nowhere and have no illusion of depth. Plus, they just had that whole Impact-branded Championship thing that you just know won’t be updated to reflect the new logo. Which is okay, because I think that other company has a thing about eagles on their Championships.

  3. I was a die hard fan of TNA for so many years but I can say now that I am well and truly done with the company. F up after f up, year after year. They are going no where and they have no direction or forward momentum. They are completely unrecognizable from the company that I grew up watching. I’m a visual designer, and that logo is absolutely atrocious. The company is an absolute mess. They have got ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what they are doing. Beyond sad.

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