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TNA Wrestling App Launched in the UK and Ireland in 2017
By: Gary Kevany

Total Nonstop Action [TNA] Wrestling launched their TNA Wrestling App on ITunes and Google Play Stores with a line of other platforms in the pipelines to complement the existing lines through availability on Amazon Fire, Xbox, Roku and Apple TV
on Thursday last (January 5th).

TNA has all but dominated wrestling news and media in recent days with the launch of the FITE Network App and a recent change in majority ownership. Dixie Carter, the outgoing President and Chairman of the wrestling federation has relieved herself of her role, remaining an interest and stake in the company as a minority shareholder.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment takes over in 2017

“We are thrilled to have acquired TNA IMPACT Wrestling,” said Ed Nordholm, Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., the parent of Fight Network. “As we grow Anthem’s linear, digital and mobile platforms globally, top tier content with global appeal is key to that success and this acquisition is a perfect strategic addition to our portfolio [in utilising] strategic partnerships to take IMPACT Wrestling to even greater heights.”

Mr. Nordholm, who has been the managing director of the IMPACT Ventures Board of Managers since October 2016, will assume the position of President of Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC. Dixie Carter will resign from her position as Chairman of Impact Ventures and join the Advisory Board of Fight Media Group, which holds all of the combat sports-related assets of Anthem, where her focus will be on the global growth of the combat sports-related brands owned by Anthem.

“Anthem has been a great partner for many years,” added Dixie Carter. “We have worked hard to find the right company who would acquire TNA, use its strategic influence and have a long-term commitment to the brand. TNA’s incredible fans, talent and staff deserved to see the brand continue to thrive after 15+ years of incredible growth.  I’m excited to move to a new position and work with Anthem on their global strategic plan, and I am confident TNA IMPACT Wrestling is going to be a huge part of their success.”

Moving on from Challenge TV

The launch of the application in Ireland and the United Kingdom was heralded with much fanfare and pomp and has lived up to its billing as a must-have for people this side of the pond. The news that Challenge TV was discontinuing its sole role as means for British and Irish viewers of the Tennesee-based corporation’s flagship weekly television offering was viewed by many fans and casual viewers as abysmal, the swift action in launching the app has alleviated such feelings.

The app contains weekly airings of TNA Impact with shows airing at a time on equal billing as it airs in the U.S., a major plus for those who would normally have neither the option nor ability to watch it as it airs live.

Classic TNA Content

In addition to premiere episodes of TNA’s flagship weekly show IMPACT Wrestling and Fight Network’s original weekly recap series Inside IMPACT, subscribers will have access to extensive TNA library content, including episodes of classic IMPACT Wrestling, TNA Xplosion, TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches, TNA British Boot Camp, TNA Epics, TNA Unfinished Business and TNA Legends, plus the latest live pay-per-view events, classic pay-per-view events, One Night Only specials and more.

The IMPACT Wrestling brand has always maintained a strong presence across the U.K. and Ireland and the Total Access TNA Wrestling app will ensure our loyal fans there have the opportunity to watch premiere IMPACT Wrestling episodes and TNA pay-per-views in real time for the first time,” said Anthem Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm. “There are many exciting plans in the works for IMPACT Wrestling in 2017 and the U.K. remains an important focus for us. As we continue our digital expansion, subscribers will have access to more content than ever before, including exclusive shows, series available on-demand, and more content to be rolled out on the app in the coming months.”

Fans in the U.K and Ireland can download the app at Apple’s App Store or Google Play or visit to sign up to watch online. Use of the application is billed monthly at £4.99/€5.99.


  1. This is horsesh*t…So people in the U.S. have to pay $20+ for the tier that includes PopTV, but the UK only has to pay ~$7 USD/ month for the app??? Can’t TNA just make an app for the U.S. that I can use to watch Impact? Thanks for another kick in the face TNA.

  2. Bear in mind it’s a kick in the face for UK fans too, granted we only have to pay £5 a month, but that’s £5 a month more than we used to, and that gets us TNA and nothing else, while your $20 does get you other things so the true value is variable based on how many of those you want.

    Only thing that might make the app worthwhile in my opinion is the historic content.

  3. I am guessing you are from UK. I envy you guys a little because it seems like TNA actually plans a tour there almost every year, while here in the states, they have all but given up on touring because they can’t get more than 200-300 at a house show, even with the Hardys on the card.

  4. True, except there’s no UK tour this year either, which speaks to TNA’s financial issues, and I guarantee Impact’s viewership figures in the UK will plummet due to how few people will be willing to pay for the “privilege”

  5. Didn’t know they had cancelled it this year. Last year, they only had one “live” PPV I believe. I purchased it, and there were major streaming issues.

  6. That’s also not every cable provider. It’s really weird to me that the former TV Guide channel is second-tier, but cable companies suck. The place I lived in back in Dallas when I started doing the write-ups for Impact had Pop in HD, standard tier. The place I moved to in September, in a suburb of Cleveland, only had it available in standard definition. I just moved again, and it’s available in HD, again as standard tier. Who is your cable provider? And do you have options to change?

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