Impact Wrestling TV tapings

The following was taped on Tuesday at Universal Studios in Orlando to air on Pop TV.

1/10 TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping results:

* Xplosion: Marshe Rockett def. Samuel Shaw

* TNA Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys promo. Jeff Hardy challenges TNA Champion Lashley, leading to….

* TNA Champion Lashley def. TNA Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy. Eddie Edwards comes out after and challenges Lashley to a rematch for the TNA Title. Lashley accepts, but if Edwards loses, he has to go to the back of the line.

* TNA Grand Champion Drew Galloway promo. MOOSE comes out and challenges Galloway to a rematch, but Galloway rejects it, saying he has another match, leading to…

* TNA Grand Champion Drew Galloway def. Rob Rizin

* Eli Drake and Tyrus promo. Drake calls out EC3, leading to….

* EC3 def. Eli Drake w/Tyrus. Tyrus attacks EC3 after, then the lights go out and the DCC appear, who then lay out EC3, Drake and Tyrus.

* Segment where Brandi Rhodes calls out TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary. Decay appears and they put Brandi in a guillotine, then MOOSE runs out to make the save.

* Aron Rex def. Robbie E

* Segment where Andrew Everett breaks away from the Helms Dynasty and is laid out by Gregory Shane Helms and Trevor Lee.

* Brooke Tessmacher def. Sienna

* MOOSE and Brandi Rhodes def. Crazzy Steve and TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary

* DCC promo, issuing an open challenge, leading to…

* The DCC def. Eli Drake and Tyrus in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match.



  1. Where is this so called “line” for the TNA Heavyweight Championship? Apparently anyone can challenge for it. How do they think Eddie Edwards got it in the first place? Now it looks like they are going to try to give it to Jeff Hardy again.

  2. Wow, what a mess. And Brandi Rhodes should be nowhere near a wrestling ring. But of course, TNA already has her feuding with the Knockouts champion, go figure!

  3. Edwards got the title because then champion Lashley hand picked him to defend it against, thinking it would be an easier match than Lashley’s other options.: EC III and Moose. Lashley’s plan backfired on him when Edwards beat him to win the title and become the first man in wrestling history to win the Triple Crown in both ROH and TNA. This all happened on the 10/16/2016 episode of Impact.

  4. Brandi Rhodes calls somebody out? Well I have heard enough to make sure I am checking out of that episode

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