TNA IMPACT Wrestling

The following was taped on Wednesday from Universal Studios in Orlando.

1/11 TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping results:

* Xplosion: Caleb Konley def. Kongo Kong

* Jessie Godderz def. Kingston. DCC appears after, but Godderz gets away.

* TNA Champion Lashley def. Eddie Edwards to retain the title after Davey Richards and Angelina Love interfered, with Davey turning on Eddie and Love attacking Edwards’ wife, Alexis, at ringside. Richards and Love laid out Edwards and Alexis after.

* TNA Tag Team Champions Broken Hardys promo with an updated version of Vanguard-1 that can now teleport. They say they will teleport all over the world, defeating every team and winning every title, no matter what company. Lights go out and when they come back on, the Hardys and Vanguard-1 are gone, seeming to have teleported.

* TNA Grand Champion Drew Galloway def. Mahabali Shera to retain the title.

* Fact of Life segment with Eli Drake and Tyrus where Tyrus makes fun of Drake. Drake rips on Tyrus, leading to Tyrus challenging him to a match.

* TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee def. DJ Z to retain the title. Andrew Everett runs in to make the save for Z after.

* Cody & Brandi Rhodes promo. MOOSE comes down as Cody thanks him for saving Brandi, but then gets jealous when Brandi said she had MOOSE’s number and kicks MOOSE low.

* Jessie Godderz def. Bram. Kingston runs in after, but Godderz clears the ring of the DCC.

* Promo with TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary and Jade. Jade challenges Rosemary to a Last Knockout Standing match, Rosemary accepts.

* Tyrus def. Eli Drake by DQ after Drake attacked the ref. Drake and Tyrus then embrace and it was all a ruse.

* Segment where Allie comes out to invite the crowd to bring gifts for the impending wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness.

* Cody Rhodes vs. MOOSE never gets started as they brawl all over the place until security and other wrestlers break them up.

* TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee def. Andrew Everett to retain the title.



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